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We're making a minor change to our Online Banking page. The web address for our login page is changing. The current web address will be retired and no longer accessible after 3/31/17.

NEW ADDRESS effective 3/31/17: https://www.thirdfederalonline.com/legacyob/signon/

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to do?

  • If you saved or bookmarked the current login page web address, you will need to delete the old bookmark (favorite) and save the new address.
  • To save the new link: On or after 3/24/17, go to www.thirdfederal.com and click on Online Banking. Then click on Online Banking Login. Save the new web address as a bookmark (favorite).

What will happen if I try to use the old link after 3/31/17?

  • You may be redirected to the new link automatically, or you may receive an error message. If you receive an error message, go to our home page and click on Online Banking to login.

Do I need to change my login credentials?

  • No. Your current username and password will work on the new link.

Is the login page changing, or will it look different?

  • No. The look and feel of our login page is not changing. Only the web address is changing.

Is the new link secure?

  • Yes. The new link will also have a green address bar located at the top of your browser. The green address bar indicates that it is a secure website with a current security certificate.

Will this change affect Mobile Banking?

  • No. This change will not affect Third Federal's Mobile Banking app.

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-877-487-1748.

Thank you for using Online Banking!